Birthday Orchids in Bloom


Four years ago, my friends Lisa and Jeff gave me a lovely orchid for my birthday. While I’ve always had something of a green thumb, I was of the mind that orchids were far beyond my capabilities. In fact, I didn’t expect the one they gave me to last more than a month or so. Imagine my surprise then when a year later it was still doing fine. The blooms were long gone, but the plant itself didn’t look any worse for wear.  Although I hadn’t given it any special TLC, it continued to grow. Finally, I decided to risk repotting it. After a little online research, I bought a new pot and some special orchid potting soil. In its new digs, it thrived. In fact, it wasn’t long before it produced a number of blooms. That was about two years ago. Recently, it bloomed again, even more spectacularly. It’s the birthday gift that keeps on giving.