Stranded in Tahiti


In Papeete, Tahiti, I found myself in a similar situation when I found myself stranded at the airport with no cell phone or francs to my name. Relying on the kindness of strangers, I asked one of the staff members responsible for arranging transfers if I could borrow her cell phone. After watching me fumble with it for awhile, she finally intervened and called my hotel to inquire about my missing transfer. After several calls, she finally determined that a cab was en route to collect me. By this point, the airport was virtually deserted. And I watched helplessly as she strolled out to the parking lot with her cell phone, my only lifeline, in hand. I spent the next 30 minutes coming up with alternative plans if the promised cab never materialized. Fortunately, just when I was ready to give up all hope and go in search of an ATM, my ride appeared.