Adventures in Babysitting

Ital blog 2

At a romantic resort in Italy’s lake district, language difficulties made my job irrelevant. Instead, my single status somehow made me the ideal babysitter. While relaxing with a book on a lounge chair overlooking Lake Garda, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a German family of five. I can only assume they found me trustworthy-looking when they deposited their six-month-old in the lounge chair next to mine and promptly wandered off down to the lake. Feeling responsible for the infant left in my care, I spent the next 20 minutes waiting for them to return and claim their youngest child.

A few nights later, I was dining alone on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace when a young couple was seated next to me with an infant. They hadn’t been there more than five minutes when they got up to explore the buffet, which was located inside the restaurant. Again, I was left to watch over the baby, who was sound asleep in her stroller. To the mother’s credit, she seemed to recall having a child before she got very far and came back to explain in broken English that they were coming back.